• Rogério de Paula (IBM)


  • Luciano Reis (Petrobras)
  • Raquel Recuero (UCPel)
  • Marcos R. S. Borges (NCE/UFRJ)
  • Ricardo Costa (Banco Central do Brasil)

Collaborative systems in organizations: experiences, challenges and opportunities

In past 20 years, the Internet has shifted from an infrastructure to support academic collaboration to becoming a ubiquitous technology in our everyday, mundane lives. Such a major technological transformation has engendered major changes in the ways people, organizations, governments, among others perform their everyday businesses: from how we go about our daily affairs; to how we interact with one another at home, at work, and spaces in-between; to how organizations carry out their own businesses; to how governments interact with their citizens. At the heart of such a transformation lie the new technologies and opportunities for collaboration. For instance, for the past 10 years, we have witnessed the emergence of social technologies, social media, and social businesses, which profoundly shaped the ways in which information flows across different social actors in the society—be they people, institutions, organization, government, and the like.

Against this backdrop of socio-technological transformations, in this panel, we will exam and discuss our experiences studying, implementing, deploying collaborative technologies in organizations. This panel put together a unique, and particularly qualified lot to discuss and shed new light on this topic. We will discuss a range of issues from attempts to bring new social systems and collaborative systems in large, more traditional organizations, to recent developments in the use of social media within and across organizations, to the emergence of social businesses. While, from the get-go, studies on collaborative systems in organizations have been an intrinsic part of the computer support cooperative work (and collaborative systems), there is still a great deal of issues to be covered. Hence, in this panel, we will share our individual and collective experiences, frustrations, and successes, aiming at setting forth a broader vision and opening up for new discussions on the topic within the Brazilian collaborative systems community.